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How to Shape Your Child’s Character


You can dramatically shape your child’s character for life if you do so on purpose. With a plan. There’s gold in your child’s heart, but you have to know how to make it shine. To get started:

  • List “golden” attitudes and actions that are important to you. Thinking of your children, what do you consider to be the most important and basic character traits?
  • Model the traits in your everyday life. Look for ways to live out the traits as a family. Reinforce the traits by planning relevant activities.
  • Create a reward system. Children love to be encouraged with affirmation and blessings. To show your child how valuable character is in your home, develop a reward system.
  • Start mining for gold. Explain to your children that you are looking for “golden” attitudes and actions. With God’s help, commit to learning a new trait each month. Be on the lookout for those glimpses of gold!

—Renee Swope



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